Importance of Food Production

There have been many great discussions sparked at this year’s World Congress. However, one topic seems to be at the forefront of each conversation: sufficient global food production. reported that global agricultural production must rise in order to help curb surging grain prices, which are forecasted to increase again. In 2008, corn, wheat, rice and soybeans rose to record highs, but have since marginally decreased. Dave Morgan, President of Syngenta Seeds Inc. was quoted in the article saying that the world needs to grow more from less as the world’s population increases and the amount of farmable land decreases.

Government intervention across the world is hindering free market trade and consequently hurting agriculture, according to reports from Reuters. Carl Hausmann, President and CEO of Bunge North America stated that the world does not need domestic independence, rather global interdependence. A system like this could create long-term stability as global demands rise.

Brownfield Network also reported on this main topic at the World Congress. In an interview, Leonard Guarraia, Chairman of the Board for the World Agricultural Forum, posed several important questions, such as, “How are we going to (create enough food), can we do it with existing technology, do we need better inputs? What policies are needed for trade? What policies are needed in production and in technology?” Former New Zealand Prime Minister Jim Bolger was able to provide a partial answer to Guarraia’s questions. Bolger stated that a healthy global economy is vital and that plentiful production will depend on both developed and developing nations.

What do you think we can do to help create adequate food supplies?

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